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Public access lift installations

Public access lifts are designed to make access to buildings easy for everybody. These are not specifically for the disabled or elderly, but for any person that may struggle entering a building, thanks to a large amount of steps or otherwise difficult entry.


We provide a range of internal and external public access lifts, designed to be easy to control and safe at all times.

Inside and out

We have a range of public access lifts that can help customers or those entering a public building from the outside. Our range also includes indoor lifts to make travelling upwards easier.

Two types

As well as regular vertical platform lifts, we also offer inclined platform lifts for wheelchairs.

Get expert advice

Our team can provide expert advice, relating to the best kind of public access lift for your property. To find out more, and even get a free quote, call Lifts by Ritchie, Hart & Co today on 028 9065 4594.

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Public access lifts are ideal for home and business